Final Projects in Term 2

Submitted by sarah on Tue, 02/14/2017 - 09:02
Photo of Mobile Museum

Each term, Blyth-Templeton Academy students present final projects to the class, parents and guardians, staff and members of the community to articulate what they learned within the past 10 weeks in a multitude of ways. Term 2 ended on January 30, 2017 and here are three examples of student work:

The Road to Civilization

A 10th grade student designed his World History final project as a “Mobile Museum,” a poster targeted to middle school students who do not have access to museums for financial or location reasons. The student tracked how much it would cost a school to make, omitting the smart phone and including 3-D handmade artifacts to further describe “The Road to Civilization.” For the presentation, the student gave a brief overview of how the project was designed, how to use the Mobile Museum and concluded by allowing fellow classmates explore it on their own, as it is meant to be experienced.





Backpacking in Bolivia

A 12th grade student researched and planned a solo backpacking trip to Bolivia to pitch to his parents for his final presentation in Spanish. The student incorporated what to pack, where to stay, the history of each touchpoint, trip length, budget, and how much he would need to work prior to pay for the trip on his own. 



The Adventures of Goat Man

A 12th grade Computer Science II student designed a 2-D platformer (Mario style) game titled The Adventures of Goat Man, implemented from scratch in Java. The fully animated character was able to move around, jump with realistic gravity, and shoot laser beams.

goat man 1goat man 2